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Make use of for future benefits or advantages. To commit funds or purchase something of intrinsic value for future gain. You make an investment. often used with in.

Property investment: Unlike stocks or cryptocurrencies that can net you a quick profit, property is a long-term strategy. The most successful investors allow property prices to increase for many years before selling for a big cash payout.

Though all the raw materials are obtained naturally, they can be divided into 3 types based according to where it is derived from.

Plant/tree-based – materials like vegetables, fruits, flowers, wood, resin, latex are obtained from plants and trees.

Animal-based– materials like leather, meat, bones, milk, wool, silk are all obtained from animals.

Mining-based– materials like  include bitumen, gold, coal, iron ore, limestone, lead/zinc ores, limestone and barites minerals, metals, crude oil, coal, amethyst, aquamarine, emerald and tourmaline etc. are obtained by mining the earth.

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